GBVS About

The Greater Boston Vintage Society is a social group designed to promote vintage events and historical education throughout the Boston and New England areas.  GBVS runs it’s own events on the average of one per month.  Generally, theme’s stem from historical context of the 1900 to the 1960’s.  Events are often featured at local museum’s and historical places of interest in the area.  GBVS is proud to sponsor and spread interest for these organizations.  If you have interest in having GBVS for an event, connect with us via the Contact page.  For info on upcoming events check out the Calendar page.  Below is a small FAQ about getting into this hobby:

What is a vintage event?

Vintage events can vary greatly.  A day spent with GBVS could be a scenic cruise on the harbor on a reproduction riverboat, or it could be a fancy dinner at a historic mansion.  Often events include some form of music and dancing as part of the entertainment and you may even find yourself at a genuine roaring 20’s estate surrounded by thousands of well-dressed guests!  The art deco age sets a wonderful stage for inspiring adventures!

Why do we do this?

People often think that anyone who is into this hobby does it because they would like to live in the “good ol days”.  For most this is far from the truth.  A lot of us enjoy it simply as a way to step into another world for a short time to forget about daily tasks and troubles.  Others enjoy it for the fashion.  Modern day fashions are definitely taking inspiration from clothes of this period.  Beyond that other members like learning about the historical context.  It is quite a revelation to wear the clothes of your parents or grandparents and realize all the effort that was put into just getting dressed each day!

How do I get involved?

You don’t need anything to start having fun in the Greater Boston Vintage Society!  Come to an event in your “modern day clothes” to get a feel for things.  Dressing in the period vintage clothes is never required and some even do a good job wearing modern day outfits that mimic the past quite well.  The most important part of this hobby is the knowledge you can gain.  Don’t spend too much to start-off.  Doing an hour of internet searching, flipping through your old family photo albums, or watching a historic film or documentary can do wonders to save you time and money from buying incorrect items.  Learn more on the What to Wear page.  Beyond all of this, reach out to GBVS and visit the Facebook group (www.facebook.com/groups/greaterbostonvintagesociety).  Hit the “Join Group” button and check out the posts.  If you go to “Notifications” and select “all notifications”, day to day posts will appear in your newsfeed.

If you have questions contact GBVS at:    “GBVintageSociety@gmail.com”