Tweed Rides

10982244_10153778144132542_5600464256861263548_nPartnered with the Boston Tweed Ride Group, GBVS holds two yearly tweed rides, one in the spring and one in the fall. What is a ”tweed ride”? A tweed ride is a vintage themed bike ride with a large group of friends where most everyone dresses in some form of tweed fabric clothing. It may sound a little silly but that’s not a bad thing!  Tweed rides are about fun and creativity with a nod to older times. Here’s a Wikipedia description for the “tweed run” as it is described for the UK version where the activity originated:

10372040_10203128947321142_8013397358283335941_nOur rides generally take place in April and October. Each ride follows an easy going route through interesting places in the Boston area. Usually there’s a stop midway for a picnic and a spot of tea. Along with participation from the Boston Cyclist Union we have had rides with well over 100 participants! Riders dress in some form of tweed but most people do not ride with vintage bikes. If you don’t own a bike, you can also follow the Facebook event page and find us at one of our meeting locations during or after the ride.

Info for upcoming tweed rides can be found on the Calendar page. See you there!