White Lightning Ball!

White Lightning Ball!                                             1920’s                                                        March

The “White Lightning Ball!” is one of GBVS’s annual events.  The theme is an underground private bootleggers party set during the late 1920’s.  It takes place at the Larz Anderson Estate in Brookline, MA.  With the museum’s collection of antique race cars, the story is that the party is a fundraiser for the Anderson family’s Indy Car race team.  Their race car is alcohol fueled and thus their moonshine production is legal in nature even during prohibition!  They do not admit to any moonshine being made for human consumption….although these libations must have come from somewhere!

1601555_10101223790161925_720683837_n   Da Cops

1518260_10203015070972402_752221182553084346_o   WL40

Museum Website:  http://www.larzanderson.org