2019 Weekend Ticket Registration

Welcome to the registration page for the Newport Art Deco Weekend!  Please email answers from the following 9 questions to “gbvintagesociety@gmail.com”.  One registration per person.  GBVS will reply (within 48 hours) and let you know if you made the list and how to pay.  All payments will be via check or PayPal only.  (Please note, if paying by PayPal there will be an $8 charge to cover the cost of their 3% merchant fee.)  Most rooms are 2-person, but please keep in mind that some rooms are 3-person and some are 4-person.  If you are not rooming with a friend, spouse, etc you will be put in room with other same-sex guests.  Most likely this will be a 2 person room but you might be in 3 or 4-person room if space gets tight.  The rooms are plenty big enough and some of the 4 person rooms close off into two rooms anyway.  All rooms except for the discount rooms in Fairlawn are $275 per-person.  The Fairlawn shared bath (discount) basement rooms are $250.  There are no single person rooms offered.  If you absolutely can’t/don’t want a roommate, you can pay a $75 surcharge to compensate for the unused bed that is charged to GBVS.

We will be placing people in the Fairlawn Estate first and then Wallace Hall as we fill up.  Most of the rooms we’ll be using in Wallace Hall are on the second floor and some rooms have spiral staircases that lead to a loft bedroom (although I don’t plan on placing people in those this year).  Please let me know if you have any mobility problems.  Wallace Hall is similar in quality to Fairlawn.  The only downside is that it has about a one-block walk to get to the activities at the Fairlawn estate.  On the plus side, it will probably be a little quieter at night.

Please view the rest of the Newport Art Deco Weekend pages to make sure you know what to expect.  Looking forward to having you stay with us this year.  It is a weekend getaway you will never forget!

The Secret Code Word is:   “Streamline

1. What is the Secret Code Word? (See above)

2. Your First/Last Name?

3. Your Sex? (M/F)

4. Requested roommate(s)?

5. Is your roommate a significant other or a friend?

6. Do you request to pay the $75 Surcharge for having a single room with no roommate?  (yes/no)

7. Would you like a discounted (basement) room that has a shared-bath located in the Fairlawn Estate?  Once these book up, only the regular room rate will be available.  Price is $250

8. Do you prefer Coffee, Tea, or Orange Juice for breakfast?

9. Please send me your mailing address.    [If you are traveling from outside the 6 New England states (ME, NH, VT, MA, RI, CT) GBVS is offering a $50 discount per registration.  I will subtract that from the total when I reply back. ]