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Here is the Registration Page for the 2018 Weekend Ticket package!

This page is to provide information about the Newport Art Deco Weekend overnight lodging tickets.  When tickets go active on Wednesday, March 14th there will be a link posted here at 7pm leading to the ticket registration page (see above).  Watch the GBVS Facebook page or join our email list for updates by emailing “gbvintagesociety@gmail.com”.

DSCN0057aThis year’s event will be take place at the Fairlawn Estate (aka Young Building / Pell Center) as well as nearby Wallace Hall.  The Fairlawn Estate is divided into two sections.  The restored foyer and ballrooms are on the 1st floor and the rest of the house is converted into dormitory rooms.  Wallace Hall only contains dormitory rooms.  All classes/activities will take place at the Fairlawn Estate  Both buildings have the unique presence and exterior of their original gilded age mansion origins, and each estate can house approximately 40 guests.  Do not delay in signing up as space will go quick!

Info will be posted on this page for how to reserve a room.  The rooms are part of the original estate but have been modernized in contemporary dormitory style.  Salve Regina is a very nice school and all rooms are clean with newer furnishings.  There will be linens and a towel provided and most rooms have a private bath.  Please bring your own soap, shampoo, and toiletries.  A few rooms have a shared hall bath and these will be offered at a lower price point.    You will need to bring a $20 refundable deposit (cash or check) for the room key card.  This will be returned when you check out.  Free parking is provided at the estate.  Wireless internet access is also available if you need it.  Feel free to bring as many vintage items as you like!

All rooms have twin beds.  Most rooms are doubles (2 beds), but some are triples (3) and some quads (4).  If you would like a room for 3 or 4 please let me know!  There are no single rooms I can offer.  I will be booking guests by “requested roommate” or if none given, by same sex.  If you absolutely can not stay in a room with another person, please say so in your registration request.  We can rent you a double for just yourself but it will have a surcharge of $75 since GBVS will still have to pay the college for two guests either way.

The main pricing package of $270 is per person for the entire weekend (3 days/2 nights).  This is for a private bath room.  If you don’t mind a shared bath, you can request the $250 discounted package, but please note there are only a few rooms available so these will book up fast.  This year there will be a special offer for any weekend guest coming from outside of New England.  They will receive a $50 discount off a Weekend Ticket admission!  The check in time is 6pm Friday 25th, and  check out is 10am Sunday the 27th.  The Fairlawn Estate will be booked first and then Wallace Hall unless you request that you would rather stay at Wallace Hall.  Wallace Hall is a short 5-minute walk from the Fairlawn Estate, but some may prefer this house as it likely will be quieter at night.

Saturday and Sunday morning include a “continental plus” breakfast.  We’ve done the best we can with the budget and food items the university can provide.  Meals are not vegan, but they are vegetarian.  They include coffee, tea or OJ, eggs, breads/bagels/pastries, yogurt/parfaits, and a fruit plate.  There are no substitutions available but you can request to opt out and $10 will be deducted from your total.  All other meals are on your own.  The catering prices to have other meals would make the ticket price way too expensive.  There is a refrigerator and full kitchen in each building.  You are welcome to bring whatever food you like.  Also, alcohol is allowed in the rooms, but of course please use your best judgement.  I suggest bringing lunch food and snacks for the picnic Saturday.  For Saturday night’s meal I will email the group to see how many would like to get dinner together and take a vote on which restaurant.

Check back to this page for registering for the weekend package.  Event registration is for guests 18 years and older.  All sales are subject to a 10% cancelation fee up to 3 weeks before the event.  After that period we can work with you to try to find a replacement guest, but tickets will only be 50% refundable. Cancelations within 24 hours of the event start are non-refundable.  You are welcome to organize with another potential guest if you can only stay Friday night and they want your room for Saturday night, just email GBVS.  However, only the purchased amount of guests can stay in one room (one person per bed).

GBVS Email: gbvintagesociety@gmail.com


Fairlawn Estate (Pell Center)

Wallace Hall 1

Wallace Hall